Top Four Places to Visit in Berlin

Top Four Places to Visit in Berlin

Berlin is a city which was caught up in the struggle for west and east ideologies for years. It had remained in a no-man’s land for all those years the Berlin Wall stood.  You might like this city because of the memories it elicits especially the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust and the effects of the cold war. For 28 years, Berlin was divided literally by the East and the West ideologies. There are many things you will see and learn in your first visit to Berlin, however, almost everything will point to one thing: the effects of war. Below are four places you must visit in Berlin.

1.  The Brandenburg Gate

King Fredrick Wilhelm built Brandenburg gate in 1788. You will be surprised to learn of this beautiful monument’s sufferings for years, and yet it has not lost its charm. This gate is located in the famous park called Pariser Platz. This gate was at center stage for both Napoleon and Nazi wars. It was also at the heart of man’s-land for the 28 years Berlin Wall stood. Brandenburg gate is a must-see site when you are in Berlin as is confirmed by the number of tourists this monument receives every day.

2.  The Museumsinsel

The Museumsinsel is a Germany word which means ‘museum island’. If you want to learn Germany art and history, you will find these museums very resourceful. These museums form an island on River Spree. They were built in 1830 and 1930. If you want to visit all the museums, you can buy the ‘Berlin Welcomecard Museum Island’ ticket. You can also buy a ticket for the specific museum you want to visit.

3.  Berlin Holocaust Memorial

The Berlin Holocaust memorial consists of 2711 blocks made of concrete to honor more than six million Jews murdered during the Third Reich. You will find many people walking in silence to honor all those who perished during the Holocaust. The mere size of this memorial is remarkable because it covers an area of about half a square mile. This memorial is open for 24 hours every day.

4. The Reichstag

Reichstag is the Berlin’s eternal city. It will remind you of German’s past, present and possibly predict the future. This building hosted the Germany parliament and was first built in 1884. In 1933, it ignited the Third Reich when arsonists attacked it. Third Reich resulted in the killing of millions of Jews. It was again destroyed during the third world war until the parliament moved out.  The German parliament went back to Reichstag in 1999. This monument represents the resilient spirit of the German people. If you are in Berlin, do not fail to visit this historic building.


Berlin City means a lot to different people. To some, it elicits the painful memories of Nazi rule while for others they are attracted by the Berlin Wall which had once divided it. For many, this great city is famous because it was at the heart of the east and The West ideologies. In spite of what attracted you to Berlin, there is a lot to learn and enjoy here.